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Comprehensive Writing Services

Specializing in

APA Dissertation Copy Writing
Certified Grant Writing and Review
Diverse Proposal/Project Advocacy Services

Exponential Ink, owned and operated by Margaret Bennett, offers comprehensive writing services specializing in APA dissertations/copy writing, certified grant writing and review, and diverse proposal/project advocacy with related networking services. Margaret provides a customer-focused ethic rooted in authenticity. Margaret provides value-added support, organization, project management, and customization that is characterized by reliability and consistency.

APA Dissertation Copy Writing / Academic Writing

Doctoral dissertations, journals, articles, scholarly publications, conference bios, manuals, and research. We cover projects of the utmost professional nature and can tailor writing to any specific requirements of style.

Certified Grant Writing and Review

We offer various contracts for certified grant writing and review services. This includes researching opportunities and working with you to craft highly competitive proposals.

Business Plans, Proposals, and General Copy Writing

We provide expert facilitation, highly intuitive content development, and experienced copy writing services to produce outstanding business plans and a broad variety of projects such as proposals, resumes, cover letters, bios, reports, manuals, summaries, book content, etc.

$18.3 Million in Grant Awards: USDA, DOL, USDE, NSF, SBA, FFA, HHS, NTIA, DOE, DHS, and other federal, state, and private sources.


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