Transforming Words. Expanding Options.

Margaret Bennett, MFA, is a twice-certified grant writer who began writing grants in 1997. She has been an expert APA copy writer since 2006. An entrepreneur who has worked/advocated in state government on behalf of communities and educational institutions, Margaret is available to participate as a professional partner who assists organizations and businesses in continuous integration practices and innovative development efforts. She has provided consulting services to major metropolitan regions and small communities, developed projects for diverse populations, operated small businesses with successful outcomes, and has strong self awareness for the greater good of all projects and partnerships. She has assisted numerous doctoral students and professional academic researchers throughout the USA and in India with APA copy writing services.

Margaret has worked with cultural awareness and sensitivity as a consultant to Tribal colleges for federal education grants and facilitated numerous non-Native English-speaking doctoral students in the completion of their written dissertations. She has held positions in state government and higher education where she developed public project proposals that depended on complex interrelationships and government regulatory processes. She has strong project/concept advocacy skills and extensive experience with entrepreneurship.

Margaret is an advocate for Self-Directed Education who has raised a whole life unschooler for 13 years (and counting). While she has worked with diverse dissertation topics over many years, Margaret has performed professional copy writing and organization of concepts within PhD narrative addressing Self-Directed Education and factors of Deep Learning in higher education.

Margaret is also an accomplished fine artist who combines personal introspection with systems theory that she correlates to symbolic and abstract visual narratives about spirituality and reality. Samples of her work are featured at margaretlovebennett.com.


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