APA Dissertation Copy Writing – Identifying the specific preferences of the client; combing through and extracting major and minor concerns; organizing and formatting content; applying conventional copy writing techniques to address style, formatting, and content consistency and logical flow; and reviewing and correcting for all APA requirements, sentence and paragraph length, citations and References, etc. Editing according to university rubric and adjusting to satisfy faculty comments. Please allow two to three weeks for turnaround of 40+ pages.

Academic Copy Writing – Organizing content, proofreading, general copy writing, formatting, and line editing copy for journals, articles, scholarly publications, manuals, research, conference reports, presentations, bios, etc.

Certified Grant Writing & Review – Providing consultation, guidance, and feedback; researching opportunities; reviewing and recommending RFPs; creating checklists and procedures; reviewing draft proposals; drafting limited or specialized narrative; organizing and formatting content; line editing; and proofreading.

Business Plans & Proposals – Organizing content, researching data, drafting specialized narrative, general editing and proofreading, reviewing draft plans, providing feedback, line editing, and formatting.

General Copy Writing – Organizing content, proofreading, conventional copy writing, developing content, developing specialized narrative, formatting, and line editing for proposals, resumes, cover letters, bios, web content, book content, policy and procedures, summaries, reports, manuals, articles, classifications, specifications, authored materials, newsletters, marketing, and social media/blog content. etc.

Please contact us to discuss tiers and packages at Allow 24 hours for response Monday – Friday, excluding holidays and weekends.

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